Sotin eco-N2 System

- the progressive way to fill a diaphragm expansion vessel

The only compact nitrogen filling system for diaphragm expansion vessels

The little revolution: the eco-N2 vessel filler system with an integrated pressurised gas cylinder for diaphragm expansion vessels. Pure nitrogen from the integrated pressurised gas cylinder, the highest efficiency and a number of other convincing advantages.
It’s time to change!


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Why should anything be complicated (and uneconomical and impractical and so on) when it can be easy? But how could it be both economical and practical? That was precisely the challenge that spurred on our sales and development specialists. And they came up with an answer: The SOTIN eco-N2 – the little box of wonders among the vessel fillers for diaphragm expansion vessels.

  • ready and easy to use
  • can be used between -20 °C and +60 °C
  • can also be left in the car over the winter
  • rapid, thanks to the high filling pressure
  • it can also be used for diaphragm expansion vessels for solar- and potable water systems
  • non-flammable and safe
  • climate-friendly
  • the pressurised gas cylinder is 100% disposable
  • economical and highly efficient
  • also suitable for large diaphragm expansion vessels
  • 100 % Made in Germany

The background: Up to now, the non-combustible refrigerant R-134a has been used in vessel fillers. However, in 2014, the EU decided to phase out this fluorinated greenhouse gas and it may now only be present at very low levels in vessel fillers. The replacement was less harmful but also much less economical. So we did our homework.The result: an innovative vessel filler system with a replaceable pressurised gas cylinder. It only contains nitrogen, so it is climate-friendly. The benefits to you: It is compact, easy to use, economical and safe to handle.

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Our special offer valid until June 30th, 2024

Our special offer valid until June 30th, 2024