We take good care of our responsibilities....


...for Germany as a centre of commerce and industry

Our products are as diverse as their production location is uniform: the entire range is adorned with our “Made in Germany” seal. We are not relocating production to low-wage countries and thus safeguarding the future of our jobs.

We communicate this on our information materials and products with our seal:



...for the environment

By recycling plastics, paper, lightweight packaging and wood, we save arithmetically every year

2013 - 132,00 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 312 apple trees) and additionally 26.524 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2014 - 148,62 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 351 apple trees) and additionally 25.537 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2015 - 177,47 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 419 apple trees) and additionally 31.702 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2016306,00 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 723 apple trees) and additionally 54.286 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2017 - 227,00 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 535 apple trees) and additionally 36.867 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2018 - 193,00 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 456 apple trees) and additionally 33.374 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2019 - 216,00 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 510 apple trees) and additionally 37.641 kilograms of greenhouse gases
2020 - 213,00 tons of resources (equivalent to the weight of 501 apple trees) and additionally 27.194 kilograms of greenhouse gases

The Interseroh certificates are linked to the corresponding annual figures!
See also the page "Packaging register".



...for the Heinz Sielmann Foundation

To support the foundation's efforts to purchase land for the development of meadow orchards, Sotin donates for every sold Sotin eco-N2 vessel filler pressurised gas cylinder with climate-neutral nitrogen. Orchard meadows are Europe's small rainforests and hotspots of biodiversity. Trees are an effective weapon against climate change: they pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air, store carbon (C) in the wood and soil, and release oxygen (O2).
As of 12/30/2022, we have already donated € 977.50 to the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.



...for the climate

From 01.01.2020, GLS started as our new partner for parcel shipping. GLS delivers 100% climate-neutral with GLS KlimaProtect. You can find our corresponding certificate for 2020 here. Further information on the GLS Climate-Protect program is linked with the GLS logo.

Our special offer valid until June 30th, 2024